Review: Bet on Us by Rachel Higginson

Review: Bet on Us by Rachel Higginson
Bet on Us
Book Info

Released: November 7th 2014
Series: Bet on Love #1
Length: 8 hrs and 43 mins
Pages: 266

“I think it is a bit… forgettable.”
~ Under the Covers

I discovered Ms. Higginson a year (or is it two?) ago and I’ve been wanting to go back and read this book for a while now.  While her newer books have been contemporary romance, this one was new adult.  Can you hear me groaning?  But I chose to read this as part of our Romance Roundabout Challenge and in part I’m glad that I did because I found the story cute and sweet.  But on the other side, I think it is a bit… forgettable.  There wasn’t any one thing that hit home with me here like her books usually do.

Ellie is taken for a ride by her college roommate who seems to have had a secret gambling addiction.  She’s now in rehab, but left Ellie in more than one trouble.  Her most pressing one?  Fin Hunter shows up on her doorstep claiming she owes him seven grand.  Obviously this was her roommate using her name on a contract with Fin, but he still makes her work for him while giving her some time to come up with the money owed.

The first thing I had an issue with was the setup because I reeeeally had to suspend belief.  Once I put that aside and just tried to focus on the couple then I found their interactions cute and the story passed by fast.

This was a fast read that felt young and maybe not so much my genre.  But even with all that I still managed to enjoy it ok.  Sadly this isn’t one of those reads by Ms. Higginson that will stick with me months (years) in the future.




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About Rachel Higginson

Rachel Higginson is the best-selling author of The Opposite of You, The Five Stages of Falling in Love, Every Wrong Reason, Bet on Us and The Star-Crossed Series. She was born and raised in Nebraska, and spent her college years traveling the world. She fell in love with Eastern Europe, Paris, Indian Food and the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, but came back home to marry her high school sweetheart. Now she spends her days writing stories and raising five amazing kids.


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