“They are so sexy and intense you will feel the sexiness roll off the pages!”
~ Under the Covers

He’s a bad boy and she’s got a bad attitude.

Lord owns a pawn shop in one of the worst part of New Orleans.  He’s big, badass, tatted up and sexy as all hell.  Lord’s take no shit attitude is well known in the streets as well as his need to help the young kids in the neighborhood to keep out of trouble.  Regardless of his reputation, Lord is a good man, so it takes everything in him to tame the beast within when Elle walks into his pawn shop with her long legs and fiery red hair.  Lord have mercy!

Elle is part of the upper class society so it definitely comes as a surprise when she walks into Lord’s pawn shop demanding a job.  As many times as Lord refuses her employment he doesn’t quite realize that Elle doesn’t take orders from anyone, especially a man.  But Lord seems to be different from the rest and soon Elle finds herself taking demands from the hot alpha with the surprisingly soft heart.

What I love about Lord and Elle is that they both have strong personalities and are HUGE flirts.  They are so sexy and intense you will feel the sexiness roll off the pages!   You will find yourself questioning your sexuality because Elle is smoking hot!!  With Elle’s feistiness and Lord’s Alpha hotness, these two will be on your top ten list of THE perfect couple!

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