“Ms. Betzold kept me well entertained with the band’s rockin’ lifestyle on the road” ~ Under the Covers

My Misery Muse is back on Tour!!! I love seeing everyone in action again. Ms. Betzold kept me well entertained with the band’s rockin’ lifestyle on the road. There’s music, hot rock stars, groupies and a whole lot of drama. Just like all the books in this series, I thoroughly enjoyed Believed.

Recently broke up with her boyfriend, Jules, now has a dangerous stalker. Her good friends, Max and Devi, thought the solution is for her to tag along on the tour to keep her away from her psycho ex. Of course, Sam, is not opposed to the idea. After all, he has the hots for her. But even way before this ordeal, it’s clear as day that Sam and Jules have something brewing between them. Needless to say, the road trip will out their feelings for each other.

This third installment of My Misery Muse felt more New Adult to me compared to the previous books that where more erotica. The sexy is still there, no doubt about that, but there was more angst than usual. Jules acted a little too young for her age. She giggled uncontrollably, and she was a complete klutz. Don’t get me wrong I still liked her. Sam is a total hottie. Mature to the core, protective and very sexy. I was actually surprised they were paired off. I think the age maturity is the reason for the angst between them more than anything else. Well, that and they both have emotional baggage. Overall their love story was sweet. I love their interaction with each other especially when it was via text. Actually, even texts between the characters were very amusing.

I love seeing the rest of the crew. Seth of course is a rock star personified. He is still my absolute fave out of the whole band. I am totally intrigued with X, Eli and Max. Boy, what they did during the tour is just scandalous. A bunch of man whores I tell you. I’m hoping they all get a book of their own, but from what hear, Ms. Betzold is planning on two more books for this series and it will come to an end this year. Perhaps, Warped Morality, the other band mentioned in this book, will get their own series. I would love to get more of Thatcher, and Keaton.

There are some editing issues that I know would bother other readers, but I can easily overlook simply because I love the stories Ms. Betzold writes.

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