After reading Bind Me and getting a small glimpse of Kole, ehem… sorry Master Kole, I have been waiting to see where he would fit in with the whole series and who would he end up with.  He’s an intense Dom, but at the same time a very handsome, caring and successful man.  Everything about him screams delicious alpha!  Only thing is he doesn’t do vanilla.  As a matter of fact, don’t expect to find ANY vanilla sex in this book.  Tying and pinching and flogging, scarfs and candle wax and vibrators… yes and more!

Now back to Kole.  He’s hawt.  *sigh* OK sorry….He’s had his eye on Bella for a while and when her turn to fulfill her part of the pact goes wrong, mainly because she’s really not attracted to women and couldn’t go through having a wild night of passion with one, he decides to step in.  He can give her what she doesn’t know she needs yet.

Bella, for all her take charge persona, wanted and needed to let go during sex.  Even though she was intimidated by Kole’s intensity, I think she did very well at trusting him and letting him show her what to do.  Even though she got a bit annoying with her soft word and I was glad when Kole took charge of that situation as well.  Go Kole!

Now with two of the friends done with the pact and in happy relationships, I can’t wait for the third one.  What will she be into?

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  1. I am excited to read this one! I won a copy and am going to be starting the first in this series soon. 🙂
    Thank you sharing your thoughts.