There are some things in life that one could be only so lucky to get a good instructor to guide you through them.  Ian manages to be that great instructor on two things for Francesca.  He teaches her how to drive and the art of the blowjob.

Really not a whole lot more than this happened in these two chapters.  Of course I can’t complain because wow that was hot!  Ian was as always extremely hot and over the top, going as far as hiring a personal shopper and tailor for Francesca.  He also lets go of some of his control at times, but never 100%.  I can’t imagine if and when he does.

Francesca was a bit on the annoying side for me when she gets defensive about him having to accept her the way she was and if that meant that she couldn’t afford to buy a dress to attend an event with him then that meant he had to deal with it not buy her a dress.  It is childish to think that such a rich man, that wants to bring you as his date to a fancy party, would be ok with you showing up in your own clothes only to feel out of place.  That’s more common sense than him trying to buy her.  But that’s just my opinion.

And if you have to take one sentence away from this review of what to expect in this installment, then take this:

“I happen to be very demanding when it comes to fellatio.”

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