Review: Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare

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Review:  Beauty and the Billionaire by Jessica Clare
Beauty and the Billionaire
Book Info

Released: July 16, 2013
Series: Billionaire Boys Club #2
Pages: 261



” Once things started to pick up, I didn’t want to put the book down.” ~ Under the Covers

Hunter Buchanan owns a wealthy real estate business inherited by his Father not by choice, but because he was his Father’s only heir.  He is a closed off kind of guy who is careful about who he lets in his life not only because of his family’s money, but because he has a past that literally left him scarred.  He tries to keep himself in the shadows to avoid looks from everyone especially woman as they give him a freakish look once they take a look at him.

Gretchen Petty is a ghost writer living in SoHo and working part time at a coffee shop.  She doesn’t look at guys on the outside, but sees the better of them on the inside.  She is an awesome gal with a cool personality who is not only straight forward, but has a witty sarcasm.

While Hunter was leaving after inspecting a town house, he heard two female voices and automatically moved to an area of shadow.  Bronte (Logan Hawkings fiancee) and Gretchen were the female voices.   Gretchen caught his eye without her noticing him in the shadows as she had her back towards him, still not knowing he was there.  Hunter was fascinated with Gretchen and wanted to know about her.  Once he found out through Bronte that her full name is Gretchen Petty who is ghost writer, he was determined to do what it takes to get to know her.

When Gretchen accepts a project from which a publishing company requested for her to write a romance novel from letters that was found at a famous mansion, the Buchanan Manor, she had to move into the mansion for the duration of the project as the letters are not to leave the property.

After settling in at the mansion, Gretchen gets a little nosey and snoops around the mansion up until she sees a well hung guy with a gorgeously fit body and scarred face coming out of the shower.  Hunter was caught off guard once he seen Gretchen and yelled at her to get away.  Not a great meet and greet right? Totally started off wrong.

After each other’s apologies, things start to pick up between Hunter and Gretchen.  Slowly, but surely.  I honestly started to get frustrated so things could get straight to the point.  With Gretchen’s patience and being a go getter, their sexual encounters start to get hot and steamy.

As their relationship progresses, they both find things out about each other that leaves them both broken hearted and Gretchen moves out of the Buchanan Manor sooner than planned.  Their time apart was a test to their relationship.  Could they get passed the hurdle?

About the first half of the book was a little slow for me, but it left me curious about what’s going to happen between Hunter and Gretchen.  I guess the first part of the book is getting to know Hunter and his ways as well as Gretchen’s easy going, witty sarcasm.  Once things started to pick up, I didn’t want to put the book down.

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