“…mixture of sexy blue aliens and feisty heroines…”
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The eleventh book in the Ice Planet Barbarian’s series gives us Farli’s book. If you have read from the beginning, which I highly recommend that you do, then you will recognise that when we first met her she was just a young teenager. Now, she has grown up and we get to see her story and who she resonates (mates) with. Farli is the only full blooded unmated female Sha’Khui and and infact the only female of mating age in the tribe, which much to Farli’s annoyance means she has a lot of interested admirers. However, she has decided to wait for resonance…even if she has to wait for years, another ship landing on the planet though means she won’t have to wait that long.

I really enjoyed this instalment of the series, Ruby Dixon has mixed it up a little bit, with the female being the native and the male being the alien, something I really enjoyed. But also, the end! Although the love story ends in a HEA, so no worries there, the way she leaves it…I need the next book stat! Suffice to say the addition of another alien landing has given this series a much needed shake up.

As for the love story between Farli and Mardoc, it was adorable. Farli’s mixture of innocence and determination, the girl knows what she wants, are extremely charming and although she has been in the background of the series since the beginning, she really comes into her own in Barbarian’s Choice. Dixon also knows how to steam things up, so you can expect some great sexy times as well.

I love this series as it is a lot of fun, with its mixture of sexy blue aliens and feisty heroines and this book was no different, so if you want something that will put a smile on your face and you’re willing to suspend your disbelief for a bit…go grab it!



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  1. This is a great series. And I liked your review of it as well. You can read this book without reading all that came before but this is really a series you get so much more out of if you read it from the begining

  2. I’ve read just about all of Ruby Dixon’s books. I love all her alien series. I didn’t care fore her dragon series though kinda sad actually but it just didn’t feel right. Her Corsair series fit nicely in with the Barbarian series and her stand alone Prison Planet fit nicely in with the Corsairs. I have read billions of paranormal romance books from authors A-Z and I have read famous authors as well such as J.R. Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon but I as far as best alien fantasy writers I have to give it to Mrs. Dixon she is one neck of a writer. Her books a funny, sweet, romantic, sexy, and very entertaining. On a scale 1-20 she gets a 20 for all her alien romance novels. Evangeline Anderson was good but she has nothing on Ruby. In the first book Ice planet Barbarians, my favorite part that made me laugh so hard was when Georgie makes a reference to Like Skywalker being a Jedi and comparing herself to him. I laughed so hard I nearly pee’d myself. The comedy and humor in this series is one of the best. Even when it gets to serious and heart felt there is just a touch of sarcasm, dry humor, and craziness to never let it get to heavy. The series is great and each book can be read in one afternoon, if you have the time. They are well worth it. I found most my books by luck and if you look hard enough and are serious readers you will find most of them too. I am still having difficulties finding Ice Ice Babies, Barbarians Choice, Calm, and Aftershocks. I have read reviews on these books and I feel like I’m missing out on a bunch but the over all series seems to fill in the blanks for me. Give this author high praises for her amazing alien series.