“…what an explosive combination of dancing and a hot musician.”
~ Under the Covers

If you thought Jon White Feather was hot in WICKED GARDEN, then you’ll be blown away and fall madly in love with him in BALLROOM BLITZ.  Gaaaaawwwwwwwd but that is a perfect man!He is now taking a break from his band and his niece ropes him in to take dance classes with her.  Even though he can play almost any instrument, he has two left feet.  But he agrees to go for his niece, and then continues because of the hot dance instructor.

Maggie and Jon had a case of lust at first sight.  And what an explosive combination of dancing and a hot musician.  Between their private lessons and his concerts, I was completely enthralled in their relationship from beginning to end.  And kept wanting more!

I liked the twist of who Maggie is, she’s Billy’s sister from WICKED GARDEN.  This brought another level of issues to their relationship and kept things interesting.  I thought it was extremely sweet when Jon brought Maggie around his family.  Their relationship progressed at a perfect pace, even though it was only a short story.

Can’t wait to get my next James fix!spacer


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