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Good With His Hands – 4 Stars

How come I didn’t know about this series by Lori Foster?  Well, I really enjoyed this story, which is # 3 in the Watson Brothers, and believe me I’ll go back and read the rest.  It was cute, funny, sexy and hot.  There’s the girl next door, Cassidy, who’s a bit of a tomboy, doesn’t worry too much about how she dresses or what her hair looks like.  She works with, and now lives next door to, hunky and to-die-for hot Pete Watson.  They’ve been best friends for over a year, they have a great routine together, almost as if they’re married, but it’s not sexual between them.  Until Pete decides that he wants it to be sexual.  And of course, Cassidy had been drooling over him the whole time and torturing herself by being so close and not having him so she’s all for the idea of them together.  Pete was just too cute.  The guy just had no clue sometimes about things and it was adorable to see him wonder how his charms might not be working on Cassidy.  She’s the girl with the plan of where her life is going and what kind of guy she wants to marry.  And that guy is so not him.  But maybe he can make the effort and be what he feels her ideal is.  Or make her realize that she wants him instead as he is.  Because he realizes he’s been falling for her this whole time.

Miss Extreme Congeniality – 3.5 Stars

I’ll tell you what with this Erin McCarthy story.  It was hot!  The sexual tension was there constantly BUT I was not sold on the heroine of the novel, nor was I sold on how quickly they “fell for each other”.  Let me explain.  CJ and White are undercover cops on a case.  They’ve been working this case for a while and she just hates his guts, she thinks he’s a playboy chasing after skirts and has no respect for him as a person.  But she wants him.  Wyatt on the other hand seems to not have noticed her much, she gives off a very don’t-mess-with-me vibe and he’s kept his distance.  So they haven’t had a chance to even get to know each other in the slightest.  Then one night while on assignment working at a party they decide to have sex.  As a deal.  She will go to Wyatts’ house for an all-night sex-fest and then after that he will transfer to another city when they’re done with the case.  But it turns out that the wild night of passion turns into I love yous.  But still a very hot story and an enjoyable read.

Last Call by Morgan Leigh – 3 Stars

Tess is a singer at a local bar in Justice, North Carolina.  She’s recently moved to the town (and I’m not telling you why).  One night she catches the eye of a really good looking, if a bit rough and greasy at the moment, bad boy.  Fletcher felt that connection, lust and need, at first sight.  Recently divorced from his gold digging wife, he’s still a bit careful with women but he can’t not go after Tess that night.  But he’s keeping a secret from her.  Tess and Fletcher definitely have sexual chemistry, but here’s another I-love-you-the-morning-after-I-met-you situation.  I think I would’ve been happier to see them have a happy for now ending to this story. Personal choice.




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  1. I hadn’t heard of the Watson brothers either! Just read this last month and really enjoyed it. Completely agree with you on the last story!

  2. I am right there with you all: I had never heard of the Watson brothers, but I am going to get myself acquainted with them quickly and soon! Wow! Good With His Hands sounds like something I am looking for.

    Thanks for the review (otherwise I would have missed the hotness)!