Review: Babycakes by Donna Kauffman

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Review: Babycakes by Donna Kauffman
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Released: October 30, 2012
Series: Cupcake Club #3
Pages: 336

All that thought and emotion sharing was just too much for my English sensibilities ~ Under the Covers

Kit Bellamy has come to Sugarberry Island to start a new life after the business she loved was sold from under her. Still reeling her life crumbling beneath her, she hopes her new job and life on Sugarberry Island will be just what she needs. What she didn’t expect to find was Morgan Westlake. Morgan is now the sole guardian to his niece Lilly after his brother and wife dies a year ago, coming to Sugarberry Island he plans on making a new start away from his overbearing and cold family, what he didn’t expect was Kit Bellamy.

I made the fatal mistake of being attracted to a book because of its cover and title. One because yellow (and green) are my favourite colours and two it mentioned cupcakes and who doesn’t love a cupcake? Unfortunately this book just wasn’t for me, I found myself more interested in reading the recipes at the back of the book (which sound delicious and I fully plan on trying out!) than I was in the book itself.

What I didn’t like most about this book was the weird way in which the characters, especially Kit and Morgan spoke to each other, it just seemed so…unrealistic, and coming from a gal who likes romance heavy on the werewolves that is saying something. I found it more feasible that a sexy bloke will start sprouting fangs and a bit of extra hair then a he would constantly want to talk about his feelings. Every conversation would start with an update on their emotional state and inevitably someones eyes would start going “shimmery”… I mean really? Who lives like that? All that thought and emotion sharing was just too much for my English sensibilities.

But there were good points, it had a quirky and eccentric cast of secondary characters who made me chuckle and Lilly, Morgan’s niece, was disgustingly cute and I loved her fascination with the sea turtles.

This book just wasn’t really for me, although the romance was kind of sweet I found it a little boring and by the end I found I was reading to get to the end, rather then because I enjoyed it.

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  1. I agree. I just read all three in the series and felt the way about all of them. Slow, kind of boring and nothing new. Lack of chemistry between the heroes and heroines. The one positive was that they didn’t fall into each others arms/bed. All were kind of burned and they had to get over that before they could enter into the relationship.

    1. Yeah, that’s exactly what I thought, it kept telling me they had this great chemistry but with all the completely unrealistic over analyzing they were doing any chemistry seemed to be completely destroyed. I think I may have to give the rest of the series a miss!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. Sorry you didn’t like the book. We recently did a review on our website, More Than A Review, too, as well as an interview with Donna.

    You should come stop by! Our website is a user book review website that’s about helping rate books on content you wouldn’t want to read, like a heads-up from a friend. The website is

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