AT PIPER’S POINT has all that you want in a great book – humor, sexiness and a healthy handful of angst. ~ Under the Covers

This is my first book by Ethan Day and I can see why its been so highly recommended. AT PIPER’S POINT has all that you want in a great book – humor, sexiness and a healthy handful of angst.

Cassidy Winters returns to his grandmother’s sacred home after she passes away. As Cassidy deals with grief, healing and his father, you can already tell that there is a lot going on in this book. Despite the sombre tone, there is also a lot to celebrate about. Cassidy meets Neil, a sexy visior that becomes a welcome distraction. From there, other side characters are introduced and soon, it becomes a small family of sorts as Day gives readers insights into their personalities as well.

More is added when Nate Sommers, Cassidy’s childhood friend and first love enters the picture, creating much more than Cassidy can deal with. He is a mess, but at the same time, it’s nice and refreshing to see someone who is broken, but still had some spirit. The humor is what made this book for me. It creates the perfect balance of dark and light in a story. Because of the heavy emotions that are involved in this story, Cassidy’s bright personality really makes him an endearing character.

While all that is nice, I did think that this book rambled on in some places about things that were mentioned already. Other times, I don’t think the author was clear enough in his descriptions and/or coverage of events. I had to go back and reread just to make sure I got things straight in my head before continuing on. I wonder if that’s just Day’s writing style, but since this is my first book by him, I can’t really say if it’s the author’s personal style or just a lack of editing.

All in all, AT PIPER’S POINT is an emotionally poignant book about healing and love. I’m looking forward to reading more of Ethan Day’s books.

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