I have heard so much about Joe Callahan from my fellow Kristen Ashley Addicts but I had NO IDEA he was in this book, so it was an extremely pleasant surprise when I read his name. He seems to be one of the biggest arse hole heroes that KA has written, but also her best loved as well…I was intrigued. Violet Winters and her teenage daughters Kate and Keira have recently moved to the ‘Burg to get away from Chicago, the place where her cop husband was murdered by a mob boss who has an obsession with Vi. Next door lives Joe Callahan, he lives a solitary life and after what happened to him 17 years ago he is happy to carry on that way. But Vi and her girls shake his world up and start getting under his skin, but he doesn’t want to have to rescue another woman like he fruitlessly tried to before, but when Vi’s stalker starts sending gifts he knows he needs to protect her.

I think I got mental whiplash from this book, Joe and Vi went back forth so many times and then Joe’s fairly abrupt about-face has left my brain dizzy. Dizzy in a good way though, I am so in love with Joe Callahan. I admit he was a complete dick head at the beginning of the book and I was torn between screaming at Vi to tell him to go suck a duck and for her to grab him, handcuff him to her bed so she could do dirty delicious things to him, in the end option number two won out. Plus, with that head spinning about-face he turned really freaking sweet and proved it wasn’t just the shagging on the car bonnet that made me love him.

Vi is also a great heroine and I liked what KA did with her, normally when a h/H has had a previous spouse they are complete dickheads/bitches, but in this Vi loved her dead husband deeply and always will, he is the father of her children and she adored him. But that didn’t stop her loving Joe as well.

As with the previous book For You, the suspense part of this book wasn’t that tense, it focused mainly on the relationships between Joe and Violet and you never really doubted the outcome, this book would have been just as good without the crazy stalker.

A great book, one of my favourites for this year, Joe and Vi’s chemistry was off the charts hot, the bits with Vi’s girls were sweet and I wish it could have gone on longer!

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  1. Great review. Loved this book. Even though I have many crushes on her heroes, Joe will also be my #1 as this was my first read by her. Now you have to read the the Dream Man series and get a taste of Tack. Yummy.