“…who can resist a bad boy? Certainly not me.”
~ Under the Covers

When Autumn witnesses a room full of people being murdered in the strip club where she works, almost being killed her self, her whole life gets turned upside down and she has to avoid danger. Moving across the country and into the house of a man who has made some very wrong assumptions about her based on her occupation is driving her crazy. Especially when she can’t help but feel attracted to him. But, danger follows her to her new home and soon she is relying on him to keep her safe.

Ever since Kenton Mayson showed up in the Until series, I have been desperate to read his book. Unlike the other Mayson boys he isn’t quite on the straight and narrow and instead straddles the line between lawful and criminal, all in all making him a bad boy. And who can resist a bad boy? Certainly not me. I really liked this book, Kenton was the sexy alpha male bad ass I was expecting, and I liked that Autumn didn’t immediately wither and drop her panties in his lap as soon as she laid eyes on him.

This book was very similar to the books in the Until series, only the hero was a little edgier and there was more of a suspense sub-plot. The suspense/action parts weren’t massive, more contrived as to bring the hero and heroine together, and once that happened it was more or less forgotten about until it could all be tied up. But, lets face it, I’m not in this series for a water tight suspense plot line.

The romance though was excellent, although Kenton was a massive dick to Autumn to begin with, all based on his faulty assumptions about her and I really liked how it showed the heroine sticking up for herself. The heat was pretty high in this book as well, Reynolds excels at writing a sexy romance and this book was no different. Autumn and Kenton has chemistry both in and out the bedroom.

This was one of my favourite Aurora Rose Reynolds book and I highly recommend that you give it a try if you are in the mood for a sexy romance.



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