WOW. I wasn’t expecting to be so blown away by this read, but I was. The cover of the book is entirely misleading. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely hot, but there is so much more to it than just the sex in Anchor and Storm.

Edgar Armstrong is dying of a wasting disease and although he has found a loving wife in Emily, they wish to start a family before Edgar’s health declines even more. But when Edgar realizes his disease can be passed down to his young, he refuses to be the one to give Emily a child. Instead, he proposes that she take a lover.

They don’t have much time to wait because Edgar’s nephew, Raymond and his conniving wife Caroline are trying to steal Edgar’s title away from him so it is imperative that Edgar produces an heir before he dies. After attempts on both his life and Emily’s, Edgar believes having a surrogate child would be best.

But the question is, who will Emily choose to take as a lover?

Angus works for Edgar and they get along fine, but when Angus develops a deep love for his boss’ wife, Angus finds himself in a difficult spot. Emily and Angus fight their feelings for one another, but even Edgar can see the sparks between them. Soon, a deep bond forms between the three and I was surprised to find myself loving all three characters equally. Edgar is confident in his love for Emily and her love in him while Emily is capable of so much love that she can find true love in two different men, and Angus is so devoted to Emily that he would do anything to ensure her happiness.

I wasn’t expecting the heart that is in this little book. There were many parts where tears were threatening to spill and it really broke my heart to read some of these pages. But I loved every moment of it and I can’t recommend it enough!

Anchor and Storm is definitely not your average ménage novel! Though deeply sensual and highly erotic, there’s heart and romance that some other eroticas lack. I can truly say that this is how all historical-eroticas should be done! Beautifully written and an intensely romantic read, I think Anchor and Storm will be one of my favourites for a long time to come.

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