Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson

Review: An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
An Enchantment of Ravens
Book Info

Released: September 26 2017
Length: 8 hrs and 45 mins
Pages: 300

“…a story that I was thoroughly enchanted by.”
~ Under the Covers

I admit I was captivated by the beautiful cover and the artwork of Charlie Bowater.  Stunning!  Plus, I kept seeing this book everywhere so I just had to pick it up.  This being the first book by author Margaret Rogerson, I went into it with low expectations.  What I found was a beautifully written story about a world where fae and humans coexist in a very unique way.  Seriously, how can this be her debut book!?

In this story, the fae are cold, immortal, magical, unfeeling beings and they are not able to create while highly valuing the humans that do.  The heroine, Isobel, is an artist and she’s often commissioned by high profile fae clients to paint their portraits.  When the fae prince comes to have his portrait done, aside from Isobel freaking out about it, she paints sorrow in his eyes.  This careless touch makes the fae court to look down on Rook for being weak and embarks her on a journey with Rook, the prince.  Theirs is a story of forbidden love.

Let me go back for a second to the writing.  Ms. Rogerson has a way of narrating a story that I was thoroughly enchanted by.  It felt magical and lyrical and I  could overlook even the plot issues that I normally would have had problems with.  And at the same time she created two characters that I really was rooting for.  I love Isobel because she’s a strong, talented and level headed woman.  And I absolutely fell for Rook as well.  In terms of the general story arc this isn’t entirely an original plot.  It’s heavily focused on the romance, which I’m totally fine with.  But the way she’s crafted the world in this novel was unique and completely lured me in.

Granted there are things about this story that maybe should’ve turned me off.  There’s insta-love and even a bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on here which makes me question the depth of their feelings in the end.  But I can’t quite put my finger on why I didn’t find myself getting annoyed or rolling my eyes at these things.  I genuinely cared about the characters and found their journey pleasant.  I was happy to be swept up into this world with them.

This isn’t an action packed novel.  It has a nice slow, steady pace that I think matches perfectly with the feel of this world.  This is a standalone novel but I would love to see more from this world.  Nevertheless, I’ll be on the lookout for the next book by this author and hope that is just as stunning.



About Margaret Rogerson

Margaret writes fantasy for young adult readers. Her books draw inspiration from old fairy tales, because she loves stories in which the beautiful and the unsettling are sometimes indistinguishable. She lives near Cincinnati, Ohio, and when she's not reading or writing she enjoys drawing, watching documentaries, making pudding, gaming, and exploring the outdoors in search of toads and mushrooms.


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  1. I was drawn to the cover as well! Thank you for the review. I’m going to add this to my tbr

  2. Awesome review Francesca!! Love this cover and can’t wait to read,I was going that this book was good Ioved it since the first cover reveal!! Shared on all my socials!!

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