Review: Allie’s Moon by Alexis Harrington

Review: Allie’s Moon by Alexis Harrington
Allie's Moon
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Released: April 15, 2000
Pages: 320

What a sweet book about two people both who have been dealt a hard hand in life coming together and falling in love ~ Under the Covers

Althea Ford is bound by her duty. Her duty to the dead father she disappointed, her beautiful but unstable sister she cares for and the mother she killed. Jefferson Hicks, the former Sheriff is drowning his memories in a whisky bottle, the only thing that seems to numb his ever present guilt and self loathing after he killed someone he cared for. But when circumstances bring Althea and Jeff together they both begin healing from their old wounds as they become closer and fall in love.

What a sweet book about two people both who have been dealt a hard hand in life coming together and falling in love so they can finally have happiness. Both Althea and Jeff had their troubles, she was looking after her manipulative and evil sister and Jeff was an alcoholic; turning to the bottle after a tragic event. Together they were a great couple and I loved reading them start to trust one another against all the odds and outside forces.

With romance books, a lot of the times the “bad guys” are a little…meh. But what has stood out for me in Allie’s Moon and what I will probably remember most is the evil sister. She was selfish and manipulative and would literally do anything to get her way, without thought or remorse to how it would effect her sister. It was chilling to read, although frustrating when everyone else could see this apart from Allie.

This was a good book, sweet, romantic with a cast of characters I liked, or loved to hate. However I didn’t quite capture me enough to raise it above 3 stars.

I don’t know why, but this book reminded me of Beautiful Bad Man by Ellen O’Connell, which is a really great book. If you like this, then you should love that.

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