“…there’s nothing better than a cocky, jerk hero.  Seriously!  And Alex Crossman is the perfect example of that.”
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Here’s another hockey series that I let start without me!  I have heard great things about Sawyer Bennett’s writing in the past and when I saw the first book in her hockey series come out I had jumped and gotten a copy.  Then it kept getting pushed back and you know how it goes, forgotten in the TBR.  Until the audiobook made it across me.

I was pleasantly surprised with this story because there’s nothing better than a cocky, jerk hero.  Seriously!  And Alex Crossman is the perfect example of that.  He’s lived his whole life with the pressure from his father to be the best on the field, even when he would do good it still wasn’t enough.  And while coping with that and his alcoholic father, he had to build those walls around him to protect himself.

I loved how Alex and Sutton meet (she’s at a coffee shop where he’s signing autographs for fans and she gets in his line to get her boss and work crush something signed) and the fact that she represents so many softer things than him.  Both physically and emotionally.  He’s also everything she never thought she would go for but can’t help but being attracted to.

I really enjoyed their developing relationship and their chemistry. Although, I will say that as we were getting closer to the end and obviously their issues would pop back up and come to cause trouble, I found some things that didn’t quite work.  If the issues ran so deep, I would’ve expected a harder time getting over them.  But that still didn’t take away from me enjoying this book and I am ready for the next one.




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