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Sylvia Day is kicking off the Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin.  These are short stories that will feature basically fun and fearless women.  That’s my kind of heroine!  And of course, I love Sylvia’s writing so I’m all over these.

Gia is the daughter of an italian couple who own a restaurant in NY.  She’s always been interested in that industry, however her family business is not what she aspires.  She wants bigger and better things.  And she’s gone after the position that enables her to follow her dreams.

In the process she had met Jax.  Billionaire playboy whom she had an affair with and who suddenly disappeared from her life.

Now Jax is back and in the middle of her next big deal.  While staying strong with her business mind and try to stay focused, Jax will scramble all her senses in every other way.  But is he to be trusted?

I can only say that by the end of this novella I’m not his biggest fan.  He’s sexy and dark and brooding, so I should love him.  But I think some groveling should be coming in his future.

Gia on the other hand is very likeable.  She’s a fighter, she loves her family, she loves her job.  She has so much passion but has been burned.  And quite frankly she deserves to be treated like a queen.  Not put down or discarded because she doesn’t quite fit his world.

I’m looking forward to reading the conclusion of their story in AFTERSHOCK.

Favorite quotes:

“Have you ever wanted something so bad, you couldn’t imagine not having it?”

Jackson Rutledge never took a day off.  He worked hard, played hard, fucked hard.

You’re flashy, Gianna.  Guys like to fuck flash.  Makes ’em feel like they’re banging a porn star.  But that’s what turns them off, too.

“You could never hide from me, Gia.  I’d recognize you blindfolded.”

“I’m an asshole to everyone else in my life.  You’re the one thing I’ve cherished.  Don’t make me stop.”



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