Review: A Vampire’s Salvation by Virna DePaul

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Review: A Vampire’s Salvation by Virna DePaul
A Vampire's Salvation
Book Info

Released: January 2, 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Beyond Human Novellas #1

Ms. DePaul outdid herself with this short erotic PNR story. She created a strong, alpha hero as well as a strong willed heroine.Jacob La Costa Rios is a very sexy, very big, confident, alpha male vampire. He has lived just a little over 200 years and at this point in his life if he doesn’t find his mate he will become vulnerable, weakened and possibly get to the point of losing his immortality. He has been searching with no luck until he lands a job as lead security with the Governor and he meets HER. He works with her for days finding the right time to woo and seduce her.

Francesca Marie Stewart is a suit wearing, stiletto wearing, tree-hugging environmentalist who also works for the Governor. Heart broken at a very young age, she had sworn off men to concentrate on her career. However, Frankie is very human and cannot swear off her human needs. And when she meets Jake attraction is evident and she can barely contain herself from staring and lustfully imagining a night with him.

I love this couple, they are super steamy. Their coming together was rushed but its easily accepted as a “Love/Lust at first sight” situation. The sexual tension between them is just too much and when they finally get together…explosive! Just for mentioning sake, here are some lines from their hot convos.

~Jake: “…This isn’t just about sex. This is about AMAZING sex. About me making you come so hard, so many times, you’re going to think you’re dying from the pleasure”
~“He wanted to shove his d*ck balls deep in…”
~”…battering ram outside the gates of her p*ssy”

See what I mean? But lust is not the only thing that hits this couple. Mating and love occurs deeply as well. There is a brewing plot to kill both Jake and Frankie for reasons they do not know. Both are of importance in their political worlds. Frankie being a human “green” advocate and Frankie, a vampire advocating for freedom. This world of politics between vampires and human is surely to go deeper in plot and a series I would watch for.

Characters I’d like to know more about.
Ronald Lassiter – the man who helped Frankie long, ago.
Chelsea Morgan – daughter of Ron? (dun dun dun-dunnnnn).
Dylan Cook-Works under Jake in security.

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  1. @Virna. Thanks. I truly enjoyed this book! 😀

    @Timitra-thanks. Its definitely a hot read! Highly recommnded!

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