PROMISES, the first book in the Coda series hit me really hard. It was such an emotional journey. While A to Z is equally good, I don’t think it’s as emotional as the first book. I liked that Marie Sexton is able to switch things up with ease. It makes for an easy read.

Angelo and Zach are polar opposites. Zach is preppy whereas Angelo is punk. Angelo knows all the ins and outs of the movies in the A to Z rental store that Zach owns, while Zach knows nothing about it or really the reason why he is still working at this useless gig. Zach finds comfort in Tom’s company. Tom is his new landlord and while Zach and Tom have a hot affair, Angelo must watch them be together on the side. It’s a heartbreaking story as both Zach and Angelo fight for what they want.

I loved that Sexton incorporated Matt and Jared. It was nice to read about them once again and I thought that the scenes with all four of them were really well written.

I’m one step closer to reading STRAWBERRIES FOR DESSERT. And I’m already salivating…

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