“Hanna Martine did not disappoint as she continued to make the world of
The Elementals even more intriguing.” ~Under the Covers

Xavier is finally free to live his life after years of abuse by the Ofarians.  He is a Tedran, born and raised as a sex slave and any kind of freedom was non-existent for him. In Liquid Lies (Elementals  #1), he was played to be a bad person but he’s just NOT.  He was a slave fighting for his freedom. Ms. Martine did a wonderful job with her tortured hero. I sympathized with his all his feelings of helplessness.  I understood his avoidance of intimacy and I felt his happiness when he finally found his happy-ever-after.

Kat is an artist just making her way to the world.  Her art are and have been all focused on water for the reasons she cannot explain, a twist I did not expect. Because of Xavier she will learn more things about herself she cannot imagine possible.  I thought she accepted her new  reality well and her overall her status within the Secondary world was fitting.  She actually reminded me of Gwen.  After learning of who she is, she accepted it and stepped up to the role.

Xavier and Kat were a cute couple.  I love that they are from different worlds but able to love each other and overcome their differences, a Romeo and Juliet story if you will…with a good ending of course.  I enjoyed seeing the characters from Liquid Lies. Gwen and Reed had truly stepped up to roles as leaders and making use of their statuses to help those who are in need.  Gwen is even helping guide Griffin, her ex who has a big role in Tedran Politics be a better man.  I cannot wait to read more about him.  Ms. Martine made this world a bit bigger by adding a new species to the mix.  I do wish there were more explanations of this new group but I suppose we will get more of that at next installment.  The overall recap of the world was well done and just like the first book, I did not feel overwhelmed.  In fact, I wanted more.

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