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I’m not sure where I’ve been but this book wasn’t really on my radar until this year.  How could that have happened?  I’m a huge Sherlock Holmes fan!  A STUDY IN SCARLET WOMEN is a gender-bent Sherlock Holmes story in which Charlotte Holmes assumes a male identity to solve a crime and save her sister.

I’ll admit this book took a little while to get into it but I find myself feeling that way about Sherry Thomas’ books in general usually, so I wasn’t too concerned with that.  Once we got to know Charlotte’s character more, I started to really like her.  She defies society and rules in many ways.  She’s wanted more out of life than being someone’s wife and she’s seeking employment.  *gasp* Unheard of!

So when the opportunity arises that she can help in a murder investigation that is pointing towards her sister being the culprit, she creates the more acceptable persona of Sherlock Holmes.  Together with her new friend, Mrs. Watson, they end up opening a practice to help people solve mysteries while also helping the police to find the murderer.

The mystery aspect of this story is on the light side, but that’s also to be expected.  Sherlock Holmes is all about analyzing things and clues, power of deduction and just attention to details.  It’s exactly the little things that made this story stand out.  And Holmes fans will get little treats with how the original characters, places, etc are woven into this story.  But it couldn’t have been possibly without a great protagonist and I think Charlotte was exactly that.  Clever and intriguing.  She’s complex in many ways and I love her defiance for gender roles.  She was most interesting to read and I’ll definitely continue reading this series for more of her.


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  1. Fabulous review Francesca!!! Put this book and the others from this series on my tbr gr list!! Shared on all my socials!!??