Review: A Shift in Shadows by Maddox Grey

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Review: A Shift in Shadows by Maddox Grey
A Shift in Shadows
Book Info

Released: October 26, 2021
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Lost Legacies #1
Pages: 268

“Perfect read for fans of SJM and Jennifer L Armentrout.”

~ Under the Covers

Recommended Read!

A Shift in Shadows by Maddox Grey is a perfect stew of all the best elements of fantasy. It has yummy, moody, badass vampires, shapeshifters both wolf AND feline, witches, warlocks, sorcerers–the best part is it didn’t feel haphazardly thrown together.

Nemain is a feline shapeshifter who has powers she has long since kept shoved down and “chained” away. Her psycho ex, Sebastian, an ancient sorcerer wants to bind her to him but in order to bind her, she has to want it. He keeps her locked in a cage and tortures her for almost a year in an attempt to get her to agree.

Magos (mega-badass vampire) busts Nemain out of Sebastian’s cage and frees her. He owed Nemain a life debt that was redeemed when he freed her but he sticks around as her roommate and best friend. Nemain is now hiding from Sebastian while also learning about herself, her powers, trying to help those around her, and dealing with her tortured past.

Somehow this book got buried in my kindle but finding it and reading it felt like finding something valuable you lost. The witty banter between feline Nemain and her werewolf boyfriend Andrei sent me; I admired the way she refused to play any dominance games. Nemain has so much heart but she is brutal as hell. It was an incredible read and I can’t wait for the next book! Perfect read for fans of SJM and Jennifer L Armentrout.

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About Maddox Grey

Maddox Grey is the author of the urban fantasy series, Lost Legacies. Despite having a degree in history and political science, they built a career in technology and worked in both IT and software development.

When not writing code or books, Maddox spends most of their free time playing video games and reading comics, fantasy, and sci-fi books. With some romance books sprinkled in. Despite living in New England for almost a decade, they will never get over their California roots and cannot handle New England winters. After spending the summer camping with their partner and faithful canine companion, Maddox retreats indoors for New England winter and cuddles with their cat on the couch...and complains about the weather.

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