Every year seems like the wait gets longer for these books.  After the massive success of Pale Demon (at least with me) I couldn’t wait to get my paws on this baby.  I was literally giddy when it was released and made sure to clear my schedule to read it.  But then after I started it, that enthusiasm seemed to fade a bit.  Why?  Not that it was bad but the first half of the book was very slow and didn’t have any of the elements that I’ve come to love.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Rachel.  But a Hollows book without either Trent or Al, and a good amount of Jenks is just not as entertaining.  As much as I want to like just Rachel.  She starts off without her powers because she is still wearing the charm Trent gave her.  So this actually makes her quite useless.  She is called in to assist in an investigation where a human group is trying to exterminate the supernatural population by kidnapping (and killing) people that are carriers for the Rosewood syndrome.

But Rachel, as a carrier AND officially a demon, is the perfect target for HAPA. They are trying to make demons to use their blood, Rachel is already one.  Of course, the fact that she can’t tap into her powers leads her to being captured and used.  And this is where she sees the light!  And this is where it all gets better.

A few things I absolutely loved about this book.

Jenks.  I love that little pixie, I wish I could take him home with me and have him following me around!  He’s still always there for Rachel, calls her on her shit, and would risk anything for her and the mission.  That aside from having some really funny one-liners, especially all his new and improved Tinkerbell comments!   

Trent. Ohhh please Ms Harrison put me out of my misery!  This book was oooooooozing Trent/Rachel chemistry.  They are so perfect for each other.  I have been on that bandwagon from book one when Trent turned Rachel into a rat and put her in a cage.  Yes, call me crazy, but I knew then that I wanted these two together.  And it’s all coming together finally.  But I don’t know if I can handle one more book of all this chemistry and sexual tension and innuendos without some action.  I should’ve counted how many times Rachel thought about their kiss in this book.  Nevertheless, we see a side of Trent that I can’t wait to see more of.  Businessman aside, he’s just as adventurous as Rachel!

Kisten.   Even though he’s obviously not in the book he was brought up so many times I could actually start tearing up!

Al.  I missed him so much in this book.  He barely makes an appearance, but my favorite part has to be when he’s changing his appearance to act silly for the girls.  Who would’ve thought Al could actually be cute around kids!

The group dynamic is changing.  Rachel is more and more comfortable with the fact that she’s a demon, she does curses, she does black magic.  It is powerful, and it’s her responsibility to protect that power.  I am anxious to see where the next book takes us.  However, I do hope there is an end to this series in sight.  Even though I love it, I don’t want this all to get dragged along.  *sigh*  Now another year-long wait ahead of us!

Favorite quotes:

“Some nasty bitch of a woman from the coven of moral and ethical standards tried to fry Rache” the pixy said apparently proud of it. “I pixed the Tink-blasted dildo, and Rache’s black-arts boyfriend blew her right out the front door. Bam!” 

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt some sort of dominance foreplay?”

“Tink loves a duck. What have you been doing? Sitting on your thumb and spinning?” 

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  1. I’m more than half way through it. I have been enjoying it. I didn’t find it slow. I’m glad to see Rachel is finally starting to realize how her actions affect those around her. I am on board for Rachel and Trent. I miss Kisten. *sigh* I like Pierce, but never as a love interest for her. I like the way she it tying things up since there are only a few more books left in the series.