Spindle Cove is a nice and quiet vacationing spot where young ladies can go to and feel free to enjoy themselves without facing the judgement of others like they would in London society.  Also known as Spinsters Cove.  The ladies here are not your ordinary historical romance heroine.  There’s something that has been determined “less desirable” with each of them.  Once they are in Spindle Cove, though, they maintain a schedule.  On Mondays, they have country walks.  On Tuesdays, sea bathing. On Wednesdays, gardening.  I’ll have to let you find out about Thursdays when you read the book!

Susanna Finch is the head spinster of sorts.  She pretty much runs this town, and the women have taken it over!  Susanna’s control is tested when a group of men, led by Victor Bramwell, aka Bram, and soon to be known as Lord Rycliff arrives.  He’s a war hero seeking her fathers’ recommendation so that he can return to his post for the duration of the war.  Her dad gives him a castle, and a title, and will consider signing his papers if he manages to make the few good men of the town to make a presentation worthy of a military group.

With not too many pickings, he has his work cut out for him.  And the one thing he was not counting on is Susanna Finch.  She’s spirited, opinionated, strong willed, and he can’t help his attraction to her!  These two are great from the start!  Their dialogue is witty and funny and entertaining.  Their chemistry is amazing turning to hot!

The secondary characters in this book are endearing as well.  My favorite being Colin, Bram’s cousin.  Lord Payne is the incorrigible rake who, in more than one occasion, turns the sweet town of Spindle Cove upside down with his antics.  I can’t wait for his book next.

I am excited to see what happens with the rest of the crazy ladies in Spindle Cove!

Favorite quote:

He knew all her objections to marriage were logical. She’d built her life and village around happy spinsterhood, and the demands of his military career left no room for a wife. A hasty wedding could mean grief for Sir Lewis, scandal for Susanna, and God knew what for Bram. But he was going to marry her, despite it. Because when he looked at Susanna, all he could think was one word. It wasn’t a particularly elegant or poetic word, any more so than “like.” But it had a straightforward eloquence all its own.

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