Funny and witty but also at times a bit dull and slow. The premise of this story was interesting enough, two girls of “society” are supposed to go to a society ball but instead go to a Masquerade party thinking it’ll be fun, and yes they lie to their parents. However this Masquerade is more for adult tastes, yes pretty much a kinky fuckery fest.Regina kinda looses sight of her cousin at the party and manages to meet a gentleman follows him outside and while he thinks she’s there to service the men, he says some very provocative things in her virgin ears. They soon realize their mistake and she ends up enlisting his help when she discovers her cousin has been kidnapped.

The masked gentleman turns out to be Robin Blackthorn. He is looked down on society because he is a bastard even though he has the money to buy most of the people that treat him like that. But he is fascinated with Regina, and her attributes. Even though he knows it’s foolish and that she should stay away from her because her father would never approve of him courting her, after all she should be fishing for an Earl at least, he can’t stay away. And if that means he has to help her find her cousin then so be it.

At the end of the day the human trafficking organization that took her hits a bit close to home, but I had figured that out pretty quickly.

One thing I will tell you I truly enjoyed about this book was the humor and the banter between Puck and Regina. Their personalities truly matched.

I am intrigued about Black Jack. I must find out more about this brother. Is his book next?

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