If you haven’t read this series and are a lover of M/M then I highly suggest you checking out this series. Jory and Sam are a definite contender for my top favorite M/M couples ever. ~ Under the Covers Book Blog


Three years have passed since the last book in the series. Sam has left Jory and his absence has taken a toll on our favorite man. Jory has spiralled down into disaster – he sleeps around, drinks too much. It’s not until he meets Aaron Sutter and gets involved with him that Jory tries to forget Sam. However, even being in a relationship with Aaron cannot stop the emotions from flooding back when Sam reappears in his life without warning.

Jory is taken aback with Sam’s appearance again. He has changed since he last saw him three years ago. Even more confusing is the fact that Sam has been back for a year, but didn’t bother contacting Jory at all in that time. He figured that everything between them was done.

That’s not what Sam thinks though. The sexy detective is persistent as hell and will do ANYTHING – and I mean, anything in order to get Jory back. It’s cute how he won’t take no for an answer. Their fighting is almost like foreplay a little, it builds and builds until they can’t deny it anymore.

This book focuses on much more on the romance aspect of the storyline, pushing back the mystery and the suspense just for the time being. I didn’t mind that because I was so heavily invested in Sam and Jory.

Their banter is one of a kind. It’s sharp and smart, making me laugh out loud in some times while also making me swoon in others. Sam goes from not wanting anyone to know about his relationship with Jory to him wanting everyone in the world to know that he is his man. It’s wonderful to see such a change in Sam’s character and warms my heart to hear such loving words come from his mouth. Here are just a few of them I have to share:

Mine,” he growled, his voice so sexy, so raw. “My baby.”


“I want you, only you, and not just for tonight.”

And I saved my favorite for last:

“’Cause what’s the point?”

“The point is very simple. You belong to me.”

One of the biggest things I think were explored in this book is Jory’s character. We see a little more deeper into his mind and specifically how he sees himself. After Sam leaves him, he falls into a tailspin that has him drinking a lot and sleeping around. He says, “I’m trash, why bother?” Despite everyone loving him, Jory doesn’t see himself as his all-star superhero that has a star quality to him. He’s heartbroken and wants to be alone to deal with it all. I enjoyed seeing this more vulnerable side to him because we see just how much Sam’s departure hurt.


The fourth book has a sudden change of pace. It’s action-packed from beginning to end. Jory finds himself right in the center of all the action, creating trouble not only for himself but those around him. Jory is kidnapped again, along with Caleb, Dane’s other brother and this starts a whole series of twists and turns that will have your head reeling.

Seeing Jory in action is an entertaining thing. Even as he is being yelled down by everyone around him, he barrels through, desperate to catch this killer and finally end things so that they can have their peace. Jory is such a fun guy to be around, you can’t help but adore his character. So when he confronts Rego James, an insanely dangerous man from the street, he uses his charm to get out of sticky situations. It’s a brush with death, but man, does it make me impressed by Jory’s ability to manipulate people. No wonder everyone adores him!

As I said, there are A LOT of twists and turns. Some scenes had me having whiplash. I had to go back and reread those scenes because holy hell, so much happens and all the twists will have you confused as hell for a minute before it all really comes together.

This book had me glued to the pages. I couldn’t pry myself off with a crowbar even if I wanted to. Mary Calmes just creates the most magnetic characters that you cannot help but want to make sure they are okay in the end.

If you haven’t read this series and are a lover of M/M then I highly suggest you checking out this series. Jory and Sam are a definite contender for my top favorite M/M couples ever.



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  1. I read this series a while ago and at the time I knew that it would be a re-read because I loved it so much. Your thoughts and quotes have reminded me of why I thought that.

    Glad you liked Sam and Jory too!

  2. One of my favorite m/m series! Sam and Jory are my favorite couple for sure. I re-read this series all the time! Great review!