I found this book free on Amazon and had recommended it to my coworkers without even reading it *hangs head in shame*.  Ha! Luckily, it was a success.  A week later, they were talking about it non-stop and dying to get to the next installment.  Of course, now that the recommendation had come back at me, I just had to find out what the chats were about.  I’m glad I did as this book is a fast and fun read.

Tessa grew up hanging out with her brother and his BFF whom she had always had a “thing” for.  She knew the odds of him ever looking at her in THAT way was null, she is the little sister after all.  Now that she is all grown up, Tessa’s hope had rekindled and decided to find out if he might feel the same way.

Cade had a never had a “thing” for Tessa.  There is a golden rule of “though shall not go for your best friends little sister” and you just don’t cross that line.  Until, she grew up into an independent, beautiful, hot woman and the golden rule just went up in smokes.

This book is a bit predictable but every bit romantic as you read on. The romance was a bit quick and can be overlooked, as they have known each other since they were kids.  The sexual tension was definitely obvious and the sex scenes were hot but I wish there were more.  Cade is some kind of hot!  Another thing I was expecting was a big conflict in the story and it never came.  It’s not bad at all, I think a good romantic love story is good to read.  I can’t wait to read Rowan’s story (Tessa’s brother).  He’s had his heart broken pretty bad and he’s due to for a good HEA.  I recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good romance story.

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