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Review: A Life Without You by Erica Pike
A Life Without You
Book Info

Released: January 13, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Boston Boys #1
Pages: 236



Adam has always known he was gay.  When he develops feelings for his straight roommate, Jesse, things get a little complicated.  Especially when said roommate actually might have feelings back.  Or at least lust is definitely there.

While Jesse is struggling with his sexual preferences and his feelings for Adam, he chooses to keep whatever relationship they have very private.  Taking Adam in the closet with him.

To complicate matters, Jesse is actually engaged to a girl back home.  The whole time Adam and Jesse are having their relationship he is actually cheating on the girl.  I was not so happy about that although it is obvious that he felt that getting engaged to her was what he was “supposed” to do and not love.  I still think he should’ve ended things with the girlfriend.

I thought when Jesse and Adam were actually together, they were cute and loving and of course very hot.  But I did start wanting to beat the crap out of Jesse for putting Adam through so much and Adam for taking it.  Adam let Jesse get away with murder to the expense of his own sanity.  I might’ve even been rooting at one point for Adam to get with one of his friends’ buddies.  Yes, I wanted to give Adam a hug.

Thank God for secondary characters and good friends that are there to help get Adam through what was actually a pretty rough time.  I especially loved Eric to pieces and cannot wait to read his story.  He was there for his friend, and not only that, he defended him.In the end Jesse does redeem himself in my eyes but I still would’ve wanted him to do more groveling.

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  1. This book surprised me. I laughed, I shook my fist in frustration, I felt broken. I agree that Jesse needed to work a little harder to earn his redemption but I was just so happy they ended up happy in the end! I hope your review gets a lot more people to read this.

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