Review: A Kiss of Blood by Pamela Palmer

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Review: A Kiss of Blood by Pamela Palmer
A Kiss of Blood
Book Info

Released: June 25, 2013
Series: Vamp City #2
Pages: 350



“A Kiss of Blood can only be described as Dark, Gritty with a hint of romance and it is one of the best from its genre.” ~ Under the Covers

Time is running out and Vamp City is still in its path to destruction along with the Vampires and Humans that live there.  Though, Quinn Lennox vowed to never go back, the only way to save her brother is to do so.  If you read the last installment (Vamp City), Quinn learned that she may be the only person that can save this world.  Everyone that knows of her is hoping she is the answer to saving their world including the handsome complicated vamp, Arturo.

Now, their relationship or lack of it is kind of twisted. Though it’s obvious Arturo loves her, he had not been very good to Quinn and that’s saying it lightly. However, Arturo has vowed to protect her and never hurt her, again.  I love the fact that their relationship was never instant, even when the attraction was almost immediate.  With Arturo’s status and relationship with his sire, Christoff, I’m not at all surprised with his past actions.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making excuses for him but I have to give it to him, he is making amends.

And I’m glad Quinn is giving him the benefit of the doubt, making their journey to a bit more exciting.  I’m sure hoping their relationship to blossom to a stronger bond.  I really like Quinn, I think she is pretty courageous in taking this almost impossible task.  But again, she is willing to do anything for Zack, no matter what it takes.  Zack on the other hand, I’m not too sure of.   His character is definitely on its way to being a strong one, physically and emotionally.  However, I feel like he has an underlying turmoil that is waiting to explode.  Let’s hope that it will be spent towards saving his friend Lily, who is also stuck in VC.  There is a possible love in that friendship as well.  Her side story is definitely intriguing.  By the end of this book, it looks like she will be associated with a group that can be affect Quinn’s mission of saving this world.

A Kiss of Blood can only be described as Dark, Gritty with a hint of romance and it is one of the best from its genre.  It was fast pace and it will keep you intrigued the whole time. If dark and gritty is your style, then this series is worth your time.   Though is probably not needed, I do recommend reading Vamp City which is the first book of this series.

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