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“It was a fun read for me!” ~ Under the Covers

I have read Ms. MacAlister before and frankly I’m not sure whey I didn’t pick up this series before now because I’ve loved her dragon books so much.  There’s something about the over the top humor and totally unrealistic storylines (yeah, I’m saying unrealistic in a vampire book, don’t judge some are believable!!)

A GIRL’S GUIDE TO VAMPIRES introduces us to a world of vampires that is, of course, sort of secret.  Except for the fact that one author has written a series of paranormal romances that a lot of women may think is based on reality.  Which is why Roxy wants to travel to the Czech Republic in search of the author.  She drags along a non-believer and her BFF Joy.  Our heroine.  They are slowly involved more and more with the people in the town in their search for the ever elusive CJ Dante.  And as Joy finds herself in a mating dance with a vampire she has no choice but believe they are real.

If you want to take the book too seriously, then you won’t enjoy this story.  It is meant to make you have a good time.  Sometimes the dialogue is a little lame and cheesy but that’s part of the charm of this type of story for me.  It was a fun read for me!

On the vampire front though, I have to say I hope the rest of the series explores more of it.  I feel like we barely touched the surface of the Dark Ones as there isn’t a lot of full on vampire action in this book.  There’s a lot of suspicion of vampires, and belief of matings and mental connections and such, but actual fangy action is at a minimum.  And a lot of what we learn about the Dark Ones is through the stories that Roxy knows from Dante’s books.  Can’t wait to explore more of that.





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  1. love this author!!!….this was my first book by katie mac…i found it shortly after its release and have absorbed everything she’s written since!…fun, lighthearted reads…they are always good for a pick-me-up