“…definitely a sweet romance…”
~ Under the Covers

I stumbled across this book randomly while browsing Amazon and the name caught my eye because I’ve seen, more than once, a Hallmark Christmas movie by that same name.  Of course, I looked into it and realized that this was the book that movie was based on and being that it was just a novella… I just had to read it.

Layla used to date Seth’s best friend.  She never thought she would end up with him but things accidentally threw them into a fake and public engagement.  One that she needs to keep up with because it’ll help her land a client her career desperately needs.  And on his end, Seth has always had feelings for Layla so he seizes the opportunity to make her see him in a different light than she’s had all along.

In trying to separate book and movie in my head, I think maybe the fact that this is a novella makes this a little harder to connect with and I don’t think we go as deep into the characters as we could.  It’s short and definitely a sweet romance, but it hit the spot for what I was looking during the holidays.  It captures the magic of the season, the cozy feelings of a small town, and finally a chance at love between characters that have known each other for a while.

Here’s a disclaimer for you.  I have a strong feeling I would’ve felt different about this book if I had read it before watching the movie.  But my experience was enjoyable because the things about this story that were similar to the movie (it’s not all the same) made me smile.  I was able to immediately picture characters and scenes in my head.  And it just brought the same cozy feelings I get every time I see this movie play.  So for me, that was a win!



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