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“… this series is always exciting and really gets your adrenaline pumping.”
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The last time we saw Cassie the Demon Council had thrown Pritkin’s soul back through time and its ultimate destruction and discovered a plot for the former Pythia’s acolytes to bring back the old gods. Neither of which is great news, destroying Apollo nearly killed Cassie, so trying to stop his bigger meaner brother Ares may prove impossible, especially with all the supernatural faction fighting against each other, and her, rather than focusing on the real problem. And Pritkin. She can’t let his soul disappear, especially when she can stop it, after all travelling through time is her speciality.

At last! I have been waiting for this book for forever, and we were kept waiting an extra year, but was the 2 year gap between books worth it? We were left with a massive cliff hanger in the previous book, Tempt the Stars, with Pritkin seeming to be all but dead and Cassie about to embark on a desperate mission to save him. A mission which has a limited chance of success and accompanied by Rosier, Pritkin’s dead beat dad, Demon Lord and all round douche bag. So, as I said, was it worth the wait? Yes, yes it was.

You need to be prepared when starting a Cassie Palmer novel because you are about to dive head first in to some unrelenting crazy action, from the first page to the last Cassie and co jump from a disaster to a catastrophe and then back to another disaster, all with barely a pause for breath. And I loved every second of it, this series is always exciting and really gets your adrenaline pumping.

But, all that action could become boring, but it doesn’t, mainly because we have Cassie. She is a great heroine, she injects humour, intelligence and a good amount of heart in this series and she is what keeps me coming back for more. Well, her and the strange love triangle between her, Mircea the smooth and sexy Master Vampire and Pritkin the grouchy and gorgeous War Mage and half Incubus. FYI I’m team Pritkin all the way.

Once again however, we are left with a cliff hanger, it seems unfair the Karen Chance can draw me in and then leave me hanging like this! I just really hope I don’t have to wait 2 years before I find out what happens next. But, despite my grumblings I highly recommend this series, it has an intriguing plot line, a fantastic heroine and plenty of action and romance to keep you entertained, so if you haven’t started this series yet, what are you waiting for?




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  1. Another cliffhanger? ….it’s almost enough to make me either a) stop reading or b) wait to read this until it gets closer to the release date for the next book