Check out our review of Radiant Sin by Katee Robert. A steamy erotic romance with cut-throat politics, Greek mythology, intrigue and plenty of sexyness.

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Radiant Sin by Katee Robert book cover
erotic romance

Radiant Sin by Katee Robert

Dark Olympus #4
February 7, 2023

  • Geek
  • Mythology
  • Steamy
  • Fake Relationship

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Radiant Sin by Katee Robert Book Review

Passion. Intrigue. Sexyness. Cut-thorat politics. Olympus dynamics. Greek Mythology. These were all the things I was expecting from this book. And I can assure you that Katee Robert has delivered on all of them. Like always, her stories are incredible enjoyable, and there is a depth to the characters that makes you want to keep on reading and fighting the odds with them. and don’t even get me started on the politics of Olympus. These are just to die for, and we always have a sense of urgency underlying the whole plot that makes the story extremely easy to read. In this case, we have Apollo, our dear Apollo which we have met a couple of times before. In this story we get to see the real Apollo. A caring man that wants power and is one of the thirteen, but has a tender heart for his assistant, Cassandra Gataki. Cassandra for her part, has learned to live as an outcast of the legacy families of Olympus after her parents died in a tragic accident. But she knows there was nothing tragic about that accident, and that they were murdered because they tried to kill one of the thirteen. So she had to take care of her younger sister, become the adult and help keep all the nasty stares and comments of the elite from her. In order to make ends meet, she becomes Apollo’s assistance, and somehow, she becomes indispensable for his operation. From the start, you can feel the tension from both of them, and the fact that there are feelings from both sides but not one of them is willing to take the leap and let the other know. Thank the gods for dual point of views, because it helps give us insight of what is happening in both their heads, and I love the story much more thanks to it. Their romantic relationship develops at a pace that I enjoyed, and that was clearly a culmination of years of hidden feeling that explodes in great passion.

Like always, Katee Robert did give us great scenes that I was left panting afterwards. However, there was a tenderness to both of them that I absolutely enjoyed seeing, especially in a world where everything is about getting ahead. The main plot starts when Apollo is invited to a week-long house party of a dangerous new player in the game of Olympus, and Apollo needs to go there to uncover the secrets there. But he knows that on his own, he would never be able to uncover what they need, and gets a reluctant Cassandra to go with him, on the condition that after this, she is given the money and the means for Cassandra and her sister to leave Olympus for good – something she has been wanting to accomplish for a long time. And with that, great players we know, and love enter the mix: Hermes, Dionysus, Aphrodite, and many others, creating a sense of intrigue of what is really going on in this house party. The plot itself becomes engaging and easy to follow, and a book you can devour in one sitting. It’s a sexy M/F romance that has the spice you need, the love and comfort you wanted, and the tense plot that keeps you going.

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