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“I may be a little late but you can officially add me to the Sarah J. Maas fan club now.”
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Okay, so now I get the hype. Don’t hate me for saying this but in the beginning, while I enjoyed the books for the most part, I didn’t get why readers were so rabid about these books until now. I think with QUEEN OF SHADOWS Maas has really found her stride in her writing. Not only is the writing stronger and more engaging, but I feel more connected to the characters more than I have ever been before. So if you were one of those people who tried the series but wasn’t interested enough to continue, I’d say keep going but the world really is a unique one.

This goes without saying but QUEEN OF SHADOWS is my favorite book in the series so far. There’s so much more going on, more drama, more action and the insights we get into each character keeps the story moving on at a good pace. That’s what bothered me about the previous books, nothing really happened until towards the end of the book. Here, Maas is building and moving towards something greater and I can only wonder what she plans to do next.

I’m enjoying Aelin’s character more than ever. She’s turned into something far more interesting. The same goes with the other main characters of the series. While there’s plenty to pick from my favorites are still Rowan, Chaol and Dorian. I think they bring the most to the series and of course, they tend to make things a little more interesting, especially when they are in the same room as Aelin. I may be a little late but you can officially add me to the Sarah J. Maas fan club now.




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  1. Incredible series…although this book was rather slow for a bit it did pick up and was very good!