“This has all the sexy alien goodness I have come to expect from Ruby Dixon”
~ Under the Covers

Stop! You’ve probably realised that this is book 14 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series and are tempted to skip over the review…as damn 14 books is a lot to catch up with.  But, stop, read on my friends, because although this is quite far into the series it can be read as a standalone. The characters and the story are completely disconnected from the previous 13 books. In fact the name of the series will confuse you if you read this one alone, because, where the hell is the ice planet?

Instead this is set in a prison. Chloe our intrepid heroine has been kidnapped from Earth and due to a few unfortunate events has found herself in an intergalactic prison. Women do not fare well in the prison she is in. However, she manages to capture the attention of a certain blue and horned alien who is determined to protect her and escape.

This has all the sexy alien goodness I have come to expect from Ruby Dixon, but instead of using the familiar characters and planet of the previous books, we go off on a slight tangent. Despite loving the other 13 books in the series, it was nice to have a change of scenery and I quickly devoured Prison Planet Barbarian. There’s just something about these blue horny guys! Their big muscled bodies and protective instincts make all my girly parts happy.

So, if you are after something sexy and fun to read this summer, whether you have read this series or not, I highly recommend you give this book a try.


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