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“This was such a sweet second chance story.”
~ Under the Covers

I was both unsure and anxious to read this book because I desperately needed to know what made Lauren her current bitchy self.  She’s expressed her hate for all things hockey, even as she works for the owner of the hockey team and wants nothing to do with the players.  I knew there was a juicy story there!  Now she’s forced to take over for Becca, working closely with the team and even traveling with them.  Her old feelings for Mike Beacon won’t be easy to deny then.

This was such a sweet second chance story.  Mike was adorably cute and even a bit clueless.  He made a huge personal sacrifice in the past that cost him the true love of his life and in the end he wanted her to be happy, even if not with him.  I have to give him props for being an all around good guy.

This story was definitely on the sweeter side for me without too much friction between Lauren and Mike.  It was nice that way.  They had enough heartache in their past and things to overcome to complicate their HEA more.  There was so much about Mike to love but especially how he made his daughter a priority, but then also made her understand Lauren’s place in his life.  He did a lot of delicate balancing between his personal relationships and his career, and it was a refreshing change to see someone handling so much responsibility and with his success.  This book felt adorably real.

As always, I loved the way the author includes hockey in the book and the whole team and girlfriends dynamic.  Lauren was welcomed into the fold of previous heroines, even after she tried to remain on the outskirts and pretend to hate everyone.  Seeing her soften and put down her walls was nice and done well.

All that being said, as much as I loved these two together I was eating up any glimpse of Becca and Nate.  I’ve been waiting for their book forever and I NEED IT NOW.




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