“…Plenty of action and progress in terms of plot”
~ Under the Covers

Grieving over her friend’s unexpected murder, Lexi is determined to find her killer. However, the Dark have lured her into their embraces and when Thorn spots the curious woman, he knows that she is in immediate danger. Unfortunately, Lexi trusts no one. Not even the handsome warrior who seems to know more about what’s going than she does.

I’ve been a fan of this series for some time now. However, the beginning of this book felt a little choppy to me. It begins after Lexi’s friends die and her other friends are leaving to return home. Lexi opts to stay and find the killer on her own. Because of this initial set up, I did feel one step behind it all. I can’t remember in the previous book of something happened there to set up this one but I definitely felt one foot behind Lexi in this one.

Moreover, when Thorn appears, trying to save her life from the Dark, in one glance he is able to tell that she has retribution on her mind. Why else would a woman risk her life like that? Again, this seemed like a great jump in logic, especially when they’ve barely said any words to each other. And what ones they have, they weren’t friendly to begin with. So I was a little concerned with the way Grant skimmed over these details. She is usually very patient and thorough but I feel like the natural flow to her words this time was missing.

While not my favorite in the series, there is still plenty of action and progress in terms of plot. Some exciting things occur and I am looking forward to see what Grant delivers next.




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