“…it just didn’t capture my interest, in fact it seemed to actively repel my interest.”
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I don’t often DNF a book, I may read it to the bitter end and pour out all my feelings in a 1 or 2 star review, but I don’t normally just stop reading altogether. Especially when I only get 6% through. I feel a little guilty about not giving this book to at least 10%, but I decided…life’s too short and there are far too many books I want to read to justify slogging through something that took me 2 weeks to get to 6%.

The bottom line for Passages was that it just didn’t capture my interest, in fact it seemed to actively repel my interest. Whenever I went to read it, my brain would just not focus after a few paragraphs. I think some of the reason for this, was that the author assumes that you know a lot of information about the world she has created, when half the time I had no idea what she was talking about. The resulting confusion about events that weren’t that exciting to begin with – or at least they didn’t seem the exciting, I am still a little confused about what was actually happening – just led me to boredom. I am sure if I gave the book a little more time Wanrow would have clarified this for me, but she didn’t hook my attention enough from the beginning for me to have the patience to find out.

I’m keeping this review short, after all I didn’t get far into the book and there isn’t much more I can comment on, I feel almost lazy for not trekking further in; however, that’s exactly what this book felt like to me, a trek. A hard journey, battling through words I was finding it hard to be interested in and as I read to have fun and enjoy myself, frankly it just didn’t seem worth the effort to go any further.

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