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“Abigail Roux just knows how to write M/M romances well.”
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I always look forward to a new Abigail Roux book because I know there will be a ton of action and joking around but I’m also guaranteed a really hot romance as well. PART & PARCEL delivers on all those three fronts so I was pleased about that. However, this book does take on a slightly different tone in my opinion.

While you still get the joking nature that Roux is known for, there’s also something very heartfelt about this story. Moreso than any other book Roux has ever written.

There’s a near death experience that happens so quickly, I felt like if you blinked, you would’ve completely missed it. That’s how fast the action is. This can be a good and a bad thing because while it’s great at keeping your readers engaged, I would have also liked to see Roux slow things down a little bit just so readers could catch their breaths and really process what was happening. When it’s go-go-go! all the time, it’s very easy to undermine certain events when they are meant to be important.

In this story, Kelly and Nick are really trying to find a balance with this whole relationship thing. First of all, they’ve been brothers for so long that suddenly being boyfriends is a strange thing to them. They don’t know where to draw the line and I enjoyed seeing as they tried to work this out.

I should note that the timeline of this story kind of confused me. I can’t remember when CRASH & BURN was set but this one hits on several moments in 2013. Because Roux doesn’t waste any time on recapping events, it did take me awhile to find my footing with this one. However, it’s never that difficult to enjoy your time with these boys. Abigail Roux just knows how to write M/M romances well.




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