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“…fun, sweet and fresh … OVERNIGHT SENSATION delivered.”
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I was so excited to get my greedy paws on this book.  I adore this cast of characters and was really excited to get Castro’s book.  He’s young, a bit cocky, and frankly not playing his best hockey this season.  The last thing he needs is to fall for the commissioner’s daughter but he can’t seem to stay away.

I thought I would have a harder time liking Heidi.  She’s been trying to prove to her father that she is responsible and can handle being an adult.  But he’s putting all kinds of obstacles in her way.  She really wants to land an intern position with Becca working with the team, but her father had other plans and she has to do a slew of different jobs around the stadium.  This is where I was fully expecting her to act like a brat.  But instead she takes on every task with a smile and determined to find her way out of her hole.  I really liked her drive and her initiative later on in the book.

But aside from all that she’s a lot of fun and perfect for Castro.  In fact, they are perfect for each other.  Their romance felt very sweet to me and it was a fun ride to read.  While Castro won’t take my spot of fave in this series (because lets face it, that’s still Nate) I did like him and felt for him and his tormented past.  It was nice seeing a happy resolution and some healing for him.

As always, the side characters are such an important part of my enjoyment of this series.  In particular, I loved Castro’s roommate Silas and I’m dying for his romance with the pop star!  That’s going to be soooo much fun!  Bring it!

If you are not reading this series yet and you like sports romances, you definitely need to put it on your TBR.  They’re fun, sweet and fresh and OVERNIGHT SENSATION delivered.


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