“OUT OF FRAME was sexy and fun.”
~ Under the Covers

So I did something I rarely do.  I read out of order!  But the thing is I’ve been wanting to try this series for a while and well I assumed it would be ok to jump in out of order to give it a try.  First things first, yes, this works well as a standalone so if you’re like me, go forth and keep reading!

So Quinn is gay and comes from an overprotective household.  He’s finally going off on his own, well with his best friend Jess, on a cruise to celebrate their graduation.  And the bonus here is that the stars of a reality TV show will be on the cruise… Along with their cameras!  Quinn hasn’t told Jess that he has a huge crush on the asshole of the show.  Who happens to be straight.  Except when Quinn comes face to face with J.R., straight is not really all that true.

This was such an entertaining read and I have to admit I will be reading more from this author.  OUT OF FRAME was sexy and fun.  Even though it suffers from a bit of insta-love that I don’t think I could so readily buy.  I mean, J.R. has some major life altering decisions to make after he was with Quinn for what… a day?  Two at most?  But it definitely bothered me less in this book than in others.  I guess there’s the fact of how the decisions have to be made for himself not just for the romance.  So I could get behind that.

I liked both characters and I think the author did a good job at keeping the rest of the cast involved to give a nice feeling of friendship to the book that I always enjoy.  It’s a fast read and kind of light hearted with the one exception.  And when things do get deeper and a bit more emotional I was happy to see that J.R. had been dealing with these issues already for a while.  They had emotionally affected him, and it was time he dealt with them.  Boy or no boy.  I was surprised at how naive he was though!

All in all this was a great first taste of this author and I’ll be sure to go back and read the others in the series soon!




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