“The writing has improved with this last book. That was one of the main issues I had with the previous books in the series.”
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In the final installment to the Crossfire series, Sylvia Day really solidifies the relationship with Gideon and Eva. If you’ve been a fan of this entire series, then there is no question that you will absolutely love this book. But if you’re like me and like some aspects of the series, but wasn’t fully invested in relationship between the hero and heroine than this may be a less than stellar novel for you just because it follows a lot of the same pattern at the first four books in the series.

Now that Eva and Gideon have gotten hitched, you would think that all would be well for them. I mean, come on, what else would stand in their way that hasn’t been already? However, Day brings in another threat that is quite predictable and, to be honest, not that much of an obstacle in my opinion, based on what these characters have already been through together already. However, it does add some drama to an otherwise easy read.

The writing has improved with this last book. That was one of the main issues I had with the previous books in the series. I felt like there were a lot of long droughts where nothing really happens in the books. There’s still quite a lot of dialogue and many, MANY exchanges of I love yous between Eva and Gideon, but I think because of where they are in their relationship, it isn’t so annoying and far more acceptable in this book.

This book lays on the romance hard. There’s a lot of Eva saying how amazing gorgeous, successful and romantic Gideon is. Sometimes it goes on for pages. So while I enjoyed it at first, sometimes it can get too much for the reader. I just feel like this book is exactly the same as the others, and nothing has really evolved or changed so much in their relationship. But this book definitely fulfilled my mood for a billionaire romance. If you’re a fan of those super alpha heroes then you’re going to love Cross.




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  1. I have had tgis on my tbr…just been nervous …there were some parts I was ‘eh’ about but overall I’ve been a fan so thank you