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“Cutler did a great job melding two different worlds into one without overtaking the other. ”
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Jessica has managed her parents family owned business and has plans to take over soon.  Along with that are plans to maybe find someone to settle down with.  Unfortunately, she has been looking for the perfect love in all the wrong places.  She’s even gone as far as accepting her mom’s help but to no avail.  Frustrated, she’s given up the search but found herself taking a no-commitment adventure with a rockstar.  The offer is too good; why in the world would she refuse?  This rockstar is to die for and all he wants is to be with her.  She doesn’t know it yet, but a true commitment is looming over her.

Gentry has lost his mojo and is doing all that he can to get it back.  He’s taken all kinds of measures and nothing has worked until meeting a girl who has no idea who he was.  Taken advantage of this opportunity, he spends time with her.  He had no idea his feelings will go beyond expectations.

I loved this small-town/rockstar themed storyline.  Cutler did a great job melding two different worlds into one without overtaking the other.  I love that she kept Jessica grounded despite falling for a rockstar.  Cutler also kept the scenes light and full of laugh-out-loud moments.  I can honestly say that is consistent with all the books in this series.  I’m hoping there is more to come.




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