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“ONE TRUE LOVES is just the type of story that stays with you.  The author manages to convey such a deep story with pretty simple and straight-forward writing.  It’s intense in its simplicity.”
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Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books are always special to me because of the unique way in which she tests my limits.  ONE TRUE LOVES features, once again, a love triangle done in a way where there is really no burden of cheating.  But it does take the heroine into a journey of self discovery while facing some pretty hard decisions.  And it takes the reader for a wild ride along with her.

In this case, it’s about the possibility of having more than one true love.  A concept that rings true for me.  Our heroine was married to Jesse, her high school sweetheart, when on their one year wedding anniversary he goes missing and is declared dead.  Years go by, she hurts and mourns him, and then she slowly moves on with her life.  She’s now engaged to a wonderful man.  And then her husband is found and comes back in her life.  Will she take the love that has come back to her or keep her new found love instead.  Rest assured, past the heartbreak, there is a happy ending to this story.  And it was absolutely the ending I wanted.  It usually is with her books, so I’ve come to trust her on it.

The best part about this story is the way it moved me.  The author did an incredible job at making me feel everything the heroine was going through.  When she’s mourning her husband, when she’s slowly adjusting to her new life.  How she’s changing.  How she’s healing.  And I still get tears in my eyes when I think about how she tried to put a loving closure to that chapter in her life so she could move on to the next.  The emotions were real, the ones the characters felt, and the ones the author drew out of me.  I felt heartbroken for every single character in this story.  The author dug deep into my heart, pulled it out and then put it back together.

ONE TRUE LOVES is just the type of story that stays with you.  The author manages to convey such a deep story with pretty simple and straight-forward writing.  It’s intense in its simplicity.  It’ll make make you question what your decisions would be if facing the same situation.  You’ll experience conflicting emotions even when you thought you knew who you thought you wanted her to end up with.  There is no bad guy.  There are just two men that one woman fell in love at different times in her life and how she’s grown up and changed due to the circumstances she’s faced.  Intense.  Heartbreaking.  Thought provoking.  Beautifully written. Taylor Jenkins Reid has quickly become a favorite author of mine and I anxiously await anything new she writes.

Favorite Quotes:

“…if my thirties have taught me anything so far, it’s that I’m ready to try to be myself with no apologies.”

“You are happier to have known him than you are sad to have lost him.”

“I have changed over time.  That’s what people do.
People aren’t stagnant.  We evolve in reaction to our pleasures and our pains.”

“…there is no me without you.”

“I don’t think that true love means your only love.
I think true love means loving truly.
Loving purely.  Loving wholly.”

“I am who I am because I loved you once.”




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