“Sexy, Sweet and Suspenseful!”
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In the third installment to the U.S. Marshals series, Mandy Baxter takes a hottie in Parker Evans and sweetheart in Tabitha Martins and puts them together in this sweet but also suspenseful novel.

Parker feels like he has been undercover for a long time. However, his latest job involves a hotel manager that seems to push all his hot buttons. When Parker learns of Tabitha’s involvement in her ex’s drug operation, he knows he wants to shut it down and get Tabitha out of harm’s way, to prevent him from using her and risking her life again.

Though this book does have a heavy emphasis on the U.S. Marshals assignment that Parker has, there’s this softer tone that carries throughout this novel and I think that’s mainly due to Tabitha’s presence. She brings the sweeter side out of him and that’s a big feat because in the beginning Parker seems a bit cold and jaded.

For readers interested in this series, I would say that this leans a little bit more on the Contemporary Romance side rather than full on Romantic Suspense. That being said, I think fans of Julie James’ FBI series would definitely get a kick out of this series. It’s sexy, sweet and suspenseful all at once.




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