“…Jaci delivers and then some.” ~Under the Covers

I’ve been anxiously awaiting Gray’s story since he appeared in THROWN BY A CURVE.  Why?  Well, the stock car driver thing for one.  Having read a whole series (by Erin McCarthy) that centers around that sport, I already had a soft spot for that.  I couldn’t wait to see what Jaci would do.  And as always, Jaci delivers and then some.

ONE SWEET RIDE is not just the story of a stock car driver.  There are so many layers to Gray that we get to slowly see.  His father is a politician so there’s a lot of that in this book as well.  Especially when Evelyn turns out to be working for his father’s campaign and assigned to get the problematic son on board with supporting his dad and doing some media promo for the campaign.

Gray and his father have issues.  Issues that come from Gray following his dreams in what appeared to be (and was for a while) against his dad’s wishes.  Their relationship is strained to say the least.

When sexy Evelyn is basically glued to his side to help work with him in his dad’s best interest (she works for him after all) he’s very conflicted.  He wants her more than any other woman, but he also admires her ambition and drive.  However, she’s so deep in a world that has left a sour taste in his mouth for a long time.

Gray was absolutely delicious!  I don’t know if he will take any top spot for fave hero in this series but he is definitely hot and sweet.  Loyal to his friends and family.   Respectful and supportive of his tough girl as well.  He doesn’t try to keep Evelyn down, but lets her fly and reach for her dreams.  Even when that means less time for him or a harder relationship to handle.

This book again brings back the feel of “family” by way of the friendship between this new group of guys.  Gray and his friends are like a family and their interactions feel much like the Riley family used to feel.  I look forward to their easy banter and the way they relate to each other.  They may tease one another but in the end they’ll be there no matter what.  I cannot wait to read more of that.

This book also gives us glimpses into the next two heroes and let me tell you….I AM DYING to get my paws on both!  *ehem* The books, I mean, of course.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I love this series! I have read all of the books in Erin Mccarthy’s series as well. I am going yo order this book soon.

  2. I’ve read the first 2 books and really liked them!! I have to say she has the best book covers!! I’m drooling just looking at it! I love contemporary romance with a family feel, so I need to read the rest of this series!

  3. I like very much this series 🙂
    And those covers are yummy,yummy,from all books 😀

    Thanks for the review Francesca 🙂