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“ONE SUMMER IN PARIS is truly a feel good read that is hard to put down.”
~ Under the Covers

After years of reading Sarah Morgan, I think I’ve found the real sweet spot where I think she excels.  And that happens to be the women’s fiction genre.  I was extremely excited to read ONE SUMMER IN PARIS because of that and what’s better than a book that will transport you to a beautiful locale!

This is the story of two women, Audrey and Grace.  Life is taking them to Paris for very different reasons.  Grace is 47, a stay at home mom living in Connecticut and celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.  Her daughter is going off to college.  And on her wedding anniversary her husband announces he’s been having an affair with a girl they’ve known for years and is close to their daughters age.  Grace is devastated for months until she decides to take the trip that was meant to celebrate their anniversary.  The first time she goes back to Paris since her early twenties.

Audrey is 18, from London, has a learning disability, and has struggled her whole life in her relationship with her alcoholic mother.  She decides its time to go make a happier life for herself away from everything that has been her family and goes off to Paris to try and make it on her own.  That’s where a chance encounter brings her into Grace’s life.  One of the most endearing things about this story is the bond of true friendship that develops between them.  They are both broken and trying to rebuild themselves for different circumstances but you can’t help but find hope in their connection.

Sarah Morgan is so talented at weaving in every day topics in a beautiful way.  At showing us personal connections and emotions.  This book is no different.  At times, it even makes you reflect on what your decisions would be in those situations.  By the end of this book I was able to understand how it easy it could be to say this is what I would do but how different things may be when it’s really you in that situation.

Packed full of Parisian charm, old and new, ONE SUMMER IN PARIS is truly a feel good read that is hard to put down.  I couldn’t wait to get back in the pages, change my mind about what I wanted the end result to be, and just enjoy the ride with these characters.  I’m already anxiously awaiting the next WF release by their author.


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