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“Ms. Cutler made One Hot Summer a sweet and sexy read.”
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I was so excited when I found out Ms. Cutler was coming out with another small-town contemporary read. I’ve really missed her writing in this genre. I was even more excited that this was in the same world as The Mistletoe Effect which was released late of 2014.  Just like it’s prequel, Ms. Cutler made One Hot Summer a sweet and sexy read.

Remedy Lane is the daughter of two famous celebrities and has been living the Hollywood lifestyle working as a wedding planner. After a bad scandal giving her a bad reputation in her field of work, Remedy took the job at The Briscoe Ranch Resort, which was called The Texas Hill Country Resort.

For now, she is trying to lay low and when the time comes and she has proven herself, she will return with her head held high. The problem is, she didn’t take account to falling in love with the quaint little town, the friends she’s made, and the Fire Chief who was determined to keep her job a living hell with his regulations.

Micah Garrity, the one, and only Fire Chief has taken on the responsibility to go above and beyond his duty to ensure this small town’s safety in his hands. And keeping The Briscoe Ranch follow protocols is at a high priority. You can say he’s a straight shooter when it comes to regulations but now that The Ranch has a new Event Coordinator, he will have a hell of a time keeping her on track.

I love Remedy. I thought she was “real” despite her rich upbringing and coming to Briscoe just made her even more of a better person. Micah, on the other hand, was the only person that is keeping things interesting and keeping her from bolting out of this small town. Who can blame her, he is the town’s most eligible Fire Chief after all. Everyone respected him and the women swoon at this presence.

Micah and Remedy made me laugh. Their annoyance to friends to lovers relationship was very sweet. The romance was simple and never over the top. It was a very mature relationship though there was a tiny bit of angst at the end but not enough to keep you from enjoying the book to the fullest. There was good humor, it was sexy, and it was plenty sweet. I’m happy Ms. Cutler decided to continue with this series. I’m excited about the next installment, One More Taste which will be about the feisty chef, Emily.




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  1. The Mistletoe Effect was really good. Glad the series is continuing! Thanks for the review!

  2. I read one of her books before and really enjoyed it.. this sounds as though it’s just as good…thanks