“Although I enjoyed the first two [culture and setting], I wanted more paranormal and a better development of the romantic interest.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been a bit disinterested with new books lately and seeking new authors and diving more into my original paranormal love.  So when I saw this book I had to jump on it because it seemed a completely new spin on urban fantasy.  The concept?  Yeah, it’s very interesting!  The execution of this book?  Not so much.

I admit that my knowledge of the Traveller culture is as limited as what’s seen on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but I thought it seemed the author did a good job at portraying that as far as what I can see.  The culture and the setting play a big role in this story, while the paranormal element and even the romance I feel take a back seat.  Although I enjoyed the first two, I wanted more paranormal and a better development of the romantic interest.

Our heroine in this book is just coming into her powers which were unknown to her and her life is changing the path that she thought she would follow.  While at first I was drawn in and interested, I think the pacing and the way things unfolded let some of that steam out.  I hope this might be just the first book syndrome and that we see more of the development of where the series needs to go.




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